If this is an emergency, call 911 or go to your local emergency room.


To reach our office, call (330) 433-1300.


For existing patients, if you have a clinical question:

For Appointments Call (330) 433-1300 or email at
For General Questions Call (330) 433-1300 or email at
For the Program Administrator Email her at
For Dr. Reynolds Email him at
For The Nurse Email him at
For Bill Email her at
For Christine Email her at
For Gail Email her at
For John Email him at
For Nancy Email her at
For Julie Email her at
For Nancy Email her at

DON'T HAVE EMAIL YOURSELF?: Since our office will communicate with you in all non-emergencies via email, hopefully you will have a home email. However, if your famly does not have internet service, community libraries usually provide free internet access. All of the services below provide reliable free email; just click on one of the images to get to their service: